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Wellcome! This is the English translated front page of Ayumi Ushino's half-archived website.

I write stories and draw illustrations or manga.
(And surprisingly, I'm working as an English-Japanese translator these days.
Now I can see this old website's English and Manga I translated long ago
need to be corrected... but that's another story.)

Except for Ted Chiang Information Memo, this website is not so active now.
I'm sorry for the smallness of English contents,
but I would be glad if you find some enjoyment in this place.

Ayumi Ushino
(29 July 2020)


Last Update

26 July 2023
Ted Chiang Information Memo



Current active website


Amazon author page

Diary/Review/and more....

(Japanese )
Download free Ebooks from my old Japanese doujinshi.
(Restrictions: do not sell/redistribute/replicate.)

(18 June 2016)


Kindle Books (Digital Book)
(English )

(Includes images)
Kindle Unlimited launched in US.
(Last update: 3 August 2014)



(Includes images)
(Last update: 5Februaly 2020)

(since 1 November 2012)


Blog: Syousetsu.Demo.

fiction and fanfiction

(Last update: 13 October 2018)

Flower Arrangements

(Includes images)
Flower arrangement in Japanese style: Ikebana.
(Last update: 9 January 2012)

Illustration Gallery

(Includes images)
( Last update: 11 October 2011)

"Satta Touge" (10 pages)


(Includes images)
A short historical comic about a son and his Father,
based on a folk tale. A Sad Story. (Made in 2008)
(27 February 2012)


"Manju Kui-tai" (8 pages)


(Includes images)
A short historical comic about an arrogant Kabuki actor.
One day, he wants to eat some Manju (a Japanese traditional snack; a kind of steamed bun stuffed with sweet bean paste), and makes his follower go buying it...
(29 September 2003)

Ushino no nikki (Diary)

Movie reviews, Doujinshi activities, and other things.
(Last update: 2 October 2020)

2012 Diary
(Japanese )

(Includes images)
(Last update:31 December 2012)


Ted Chiang Information Memo

My favorite SF writer's introduction,
reviews, and other info.
(Last update: 26 July 2023)

Peter Cushing Information Memo

"Gentle man of horror" 's
DVD release info in Japan, and others.

(Last update: 25 May 2013)

Blog: Toshima-Hujoshi no iroiro dokusho note
(Quotation from favorite books)
(22 March 2018)

UFO information for Girls

(Japanese )
Legendary British TV show, "UFO".
It's not for boys only.
(23 September 2012)

My favorite movies and books.
(Link to Amazon.co.jp and other websites.)
(26 August 2011)

My Favorite Actors

(Includes images)
Hashizo Ookawa
panese Jidaigeki actor )
Patrick Stewart
(English translated page
s are in ARCHIVES below. )
Chris Cooper
Superman's room
(Christopher Reeve
and "Returns")

(Last update: 19 June 2010)


Nippon 2007 Worldcon Report

(Japanese and some English captions)

(Includes images)

Memories of Sci-fi convention in Yokohama

Fancy Notes
London special edition


(Includes images)

A report on my London trip including
Patrick Stewart's play and his fan club's gathering.
(28 November 2003)

"The Master Builder"

(Includes images)

Review of Patrick Stewart's play "The master Builder"
(7 October 2003)
Captain's Room

(Includes images)
My little captain's photos.

(23 August 2006)

Lost in Translation?
attempt at translating my favorite poetry,
for exercise and pleasure.
(Japanese and English)


I appreciate your feedback.

Since 22 March 2001
SUSSANRAP/Ayumi Ushino